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Intelligent people have known for a very long time that something is profoundly wrong with our civilization and that humanity seems bound and determined to plunge headlong into various disasters, such as nuclear or biological war, pollution or ecological collapse which will be the end of mankind unless addressed and solved. In the past, mankind did not have such destructive weapons and powers and was able to muddle through without risking species destruction. We now have the power (and apparently the will) to make ourselves extinct, in no small part due to the efforts of scientists and engineers such as myself. Technology was intended to make the world a better place, but is instead wielded by fools , used to enslave and destroy. These basic facts are known to most, if not all people. These facts have the potential to cripple any intelligent person to the point of despair and despondency, because the closer you look at the facts, the more terrifying the current state and inevitable fate of mankind is on the current path. It is a proven and generally accepted fact that our supposed leaders are, in fact autocratic rulers , criminals and fools and further, all institutions such as law which we pay for and are intended to represent our common interests and deal with criminals are somewhere between incompetent and corrupt, or, at minumum, ineffective. The system is totally hostile to life and lacking in the will or ability to adapt or change. The system has become immune to the wishes or needs of the people, a predator. As has happened many times throughout history, civilization is over, and it is again up to the people to deal with this. These are very terrifying facts.

Most people respond to this terror by avoidance, restricting their awareness to immediate concerns, and a very disturbing percentage by using alcohol, drugs, or, in general withdrawing from full awareness. This is a short versus long term survival choice. If you objectively consider and deal with the facts of life, you will eventually have to face those who are causing your personal and mankind's general woes. Having identified your enemy , who is inevitably more powerful than you and thus able to threaten your survival, the question becomes: will you be complicit in their crimes by refusing to oppose them, or will you fight them, despite all odds? Keep in mind that, unopposed, current trends mean that whatever final fate awaits mankind is also the fate of you, your family and friends. Things have changed, there is no longer anywhere to run to. Hiding behind drugs or self-imposed stupor may defer your terror until the final moment, but it will not help you to survive. Given that the threats are planetary, the ancient basic survival choice of "fight or flight" options has been reduced to FIGHT. Another ancient survival maxim "If you can't beat them, join them" is also obsolete. It is true that it is very difficult to "beat them", but "joining them" is a worse survival choice, because "they" are determined to self-destruct and take all of us with them. Have another drink to deal with these irrefutable facts.


Still here? OK, then you are either extremely bored or seeking TRUTH . I cannot promise to relieve your boredom since this is a subjective value which only you know how to relieve. I can offer you TRUTH, since I have been seeking it for as long as I can remember. I believe I have found it, because, by acting according to it, I have been successful in all of my endeavors, except those where I made the mistake of misplacing my trust or choosing incorrectly who to partner with to achieve my goals.

What you will find most pertinent is that I have personally found myself in a situation where I have had zero choice but to defy authority and fight them to a stalemate. I am referring to defying the intent of judges, court orders, and various elements of the Governments of Canada and Ontario, including the tax department (Orwellian name: Revenue Canada), for the simple reason that they have and continue to behave in an illegal manner, to the detriment of us all. I have been defying them since 1994 and will continue to do so until they either kill me or settle on my terms. Those of you who have also concluded you are in a in a zero choice position, with no option but to fight will find it very helpful to study the evidence, arguments and tested methods I use, to achieve your goals.

This website has two purposes:

  • To keep my promise to the state that failure to settle on my terms equals escalation and their complete and utter discrediting and defeat
  • To teach people why and how to successfully defy and thwart their enemies

The questions this website will provably answer for you are:

  • What's in it for you?
  • Why should I want to help you and freely give such valuable information, when it is far more profitable to keep it to myself?
  • Why should you waste your time considering what I have to say, since you know nothing about me or my credibility?
  • What can you, I or anyone do about our civilization recklessly plunging to self-destruction?

What's in it for you?

  • Learn how to understand and defy those who seek to deprive you of freedom and security.
  • Learn how to decode the true meaning of world events and the words of politicians who are lying because "their lips are moving"
  • Prove exactly why whining to authority will never achieve the results you want (unless it provides a pretext for them to make a profit by stealing from others and granting you a small portion of the spoils) and the only rational choice is to defend yourself.
  • Learn what motivates people and how to determine the difference between what they mean and say.
  • Learn that it is not what you say or think that achieves results, it is what you DO.
  • Learn that you cannot control what others DO, only what YOU do.
  • Prove to you that our rulers are cowards, preying on the weak and will scurry away (or have you killed) when challenged.
  • Learn the basic polarization dividing mankind, the source of all conflict now and during the entire history of mankind.
  • Learn the simple solution to mankinds woes, discovered and successfully fought for by our far wiser ancestors, the very basis of operation of civilization, which has been subverted to the point that civilization can no longer exist, threatening the survival of us all.
  • Learn the basic methodology our rulers use to perpetrate their crimes (history is but a series of misrepresented crimes against humanity) with your uninformed approval.

Why should I want to help you and freely share such valuable knowledge, when it is far more profitable to keep it to myself?

  • Because no one is happy with civilization in its present form and without informed, educated (know the truth) people to fight for what comes after the inevitable collapse, we risk violent revolution, mob rule and further charasmatic sociopaths as rulers, a new dark age and perhaps extinction. I want you to use this information to fight for what YOU value, using these truths and unstoppable methods.
  • Because this knowledge is widely known and used against you by our ignorant sociopathic rulers who are bound and determined to enslave or kill us all trying to achieve the impossible goal of enslaving mankind. In every civilization throughout history (most recently the late Soviet Union), the tighter the grip of tyranny, the less choice (freedom) for the people, the less productive activity to the point that the people cannot survive. They reach the "tipping point" where it is less risky to rebel than to proceed on the old course. Many of you are getting close to this point. My tolerance was exceeded in 1994 (explained on this site), so I am well ahead of the curve.
  • Because when you protect yourself, it adds to the list of things that rulers do not dare to do, increasing freedom (equals survival).
  • Because we only have one planet and when individuals or groups demand special consideration and rights (not to be confused with entitlements) that ALL people cannot have, it must come at the expense (forcefully extracted) of others, increasing conflict.
  • Because I want myself and family to survive and cannot do it when you are manipulated to believe it is reasonable or necessary that we or anyone else be destroyed.

Why should you waste your time considering what I have to say, since you know nothing about me or my credibility?

  • I don't ask you to trust me (anyone asking for your trust is usually trying to defraud you). Every single claim I make is either backed up by evidence on this site or by my best shot at irrefutable factual argument. Further, anyone is free to comment on any part of this site, for all to see. I especially welcome dissenting opinions, to help me refine anything that is not clear or that I may have gotten wrong.
  • I will prove that, as an engineer, I have had some notable successes before being bushwhacked by the legal "profession" and divorce courts. I will also prove that, despite the courts being firmly opposed to me caring for my daughters, I have been their single parent for a very long time, by their own choice. I can also prove that my daughters have turned out very well and are both in university ( Biopharmaceudical, Aerospace Engineering ) science courses. I can also prove that I have overcome very determined opposition to this by my ex-wife, lawyers, various government entities and judges, all of whom I have defied.
  • I am not whining or asking anything from you except to educate yourself to deal with the current situation and to prepare for what is coming.

What can you, I or anyone do about our rulers recklessly plunging civilization to self-destruction?

  • First and foremost: Pay attention to what is happening and understand events and your life in terms of action leading to consequence ( reality ).
  • Accept the basic fact that people (yourself included) are purely goal driven, their primary goal being to survive.
  • Accept the fact that if you use force and/or fraud against people, they will retaliate and it will cost you to deal with this.
  • Accept the fact that your life has a beginning, end and direction. YOU choose the direction based on the goals you seek, using rules based on your perception of reality which, unfortunately has been subverted by corrupt/inadequate education and media. If you misperceive reality, you will make incorrect choices which favor those who control your perception of reality.
  • Ask and answer the crucial basic questions: What, Where, When (understand the environment or context of events), Who and Why (understand who loses and who benefits and what is the profit/loss for the participants)
  • Understand that ALL philosophies (religion, political) are created from a set of basic assumptions that may or may not be true. Socialist approaches to ALL problems are just as wrong as Capitalist approaches to ALL problems. This is for the simple reason that reality is far broader and deeper than ANY philosophy can possibly describe. The point is that philosophies are artificially created simplifications of reality (or sometimes, outright lies) used to take advantage of lazy people who want to be told what to think and believe by "leaders" who profit enormously, at their expense.
  • Understand that scientific method and realism are NOT philosophies, but TRUTH. They basically state that under certain specified conditions (described environment), the laws of nature unambiguously dictate that action X leads to consequence Y, with ZERO exceptions. They are tested knowlege, which allows the future to be predicted. All products of science depend on this fact. If it was not absolutely certain that a spark at the proper time in the cylinder of your car engine will cause an explosion resulting in power, automobiles would be impossible.
  • Use your knowlege to thwart ALL who try to enslave you. Defend yourself from predators.
  • What I can do is what I am doing, study this site and the evidence. Use this knowlege.

Follow the rabbit hole to understand how deep the lies, deceptions, corruption and threats to our collective survival go. Learn that civil disobedience is the only long term survival option. Know also that you do not have to directly confront authority, as I have chosen. Very few people have the knowlege, experience, skills and determination required, so I am not recommending it unless you thouroughly understand the knowlege this site provides. In addition, I have been forced to legally represent myself on numerous occasions, so have some small experience in this area. It is sufficient to deny them your consent and support (economic or otherwise). Choose to take the RED_PILL or BLUE_PILL .

On the present course, Nuclear War is a matter of when, not "if". "might is right" is not only tolerated, but accepted as legitimate by far too many people, myself excluded.

Although the views and knowlege presented on this site are my own (built on the work of past intellectual greats), they are arrived at using objective reason applied to provable evidence. These are skills shared by all true intellects, including the scientists and engineers whose contributions to civilization are our technological environment upon which we all depend for survival. I cannot speak for them, but the values by which they live are in accord with my own, so I am far from alone in my complaints regarding our irrational rulers and predatory system . This is a war against intelligence and reason, which has progressed too far in favor of the irrational and immoral. Success of reason is far from lost, since the Renaissence (birth of western civilization, end of the dark ages) was the successful throwing off of mysticism (rule by clergy allied with tyrants claiming to be privy to god's will, ruling populations by keeping them ignorant and in terror). Conditions today are very similar and the remedy is the same.

In the past, many shared the same knowlege as I and had the courage to act, Declared Their Independence and determination to be free, leading to the birth of the most powerful (because their people were able to be productive, rather than spending all of their time and energy defending themselves from state predators) nation on earth. The U.S was once believed to be a beacon of hope for freedom and, many believed, the philosophical leader of all mankind. This freedom has now been rationalized away by rulers and fraudulent "experts" we have foolishly trusted and, as a consequence, the United States is rapidly approaching failed state status, relegated to the dustbin of history, with absolutely ZERO credibility in the opinion of objective mankind or the nations of the world. We may still have to fear them for a short time until their inevitable implosion is complete. Then they will be too busy dealing with the wrath of their own people and have no resources to continue external predations. It is time for a new leader to step up to the plate and the opportunities are incredible for any peoples or country who truly take up the torch of liberty.

Yes!, I want to take the red pill, deal with reality and learn how you are able to defy tyrants and remain free.

No thanks, I want to take a blue pill and try to remain ignorant and entertained for as long as I have left.

Note that there is only ONE objective reality (truth to which all unbiased intellects can agree) and a very large number of subjective realities. Thus, there is only one red pill and a very large number of possibilities for blue pills.

Bill Ross
November 11, 2007, 11:11 A.M.


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