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Article :: Simple Overview

What Do You Want To Know?

This page is a work in progress, time permitting. Simple, obvious answers to all questions do exist.

If you are willing to work (read, apply critical thinking) for the answers, click here.

If you are looking for what I am personally doing about these problems, click here.

Freedom Topics:

  • What, exactly, is freedom?
  • You claim we are already free. What do you mean? Prove it.

I just don't get it, something appears very off about your perspective

  • There is no such thing as fixed human nature, we are differentiated by our perceptions, choices and learned habits
  • Whatever happened to "common sense"?
  • How can you claim to possess truth when so many disagree? You are basically claiming "we are all wrong, you are right".
  • How can you claim to understand people in general, when it is impossible to know all people, each of whom are unique?
  • Why should I care about your opinions?

Personal Defiance Topics:

  • What caused you to take the drastic and risky action of defying the state and refusing to comply?
  • What were you doing prior to running afoul of authority?
  • What powers does an engineer have that threatens authority so?
  • Are you an anarchist? We are doomed if everyone flaunts the law.
  • How do you differentiate friend from enemy, and do you have a simple message for your enemies?
  • How, exactly, can you get away with defiance and why are they so afraid to retaliate?
  • How, exactly, can I organize matters to avoid your woes in my relationship?
  • Help! I've been served with divorce papers. How can I save my children and not be a slave?
  • Help! I've been served with divorce papers. I want to be free of both my ex and children and not be a slave.

Are you some sort of immoral scumbag?

  • What happened to your ex-wife?
  • Have you no compassion? Your ex-wife has been hurt very badly.
  • Is it not very poor taste and lacking in class to spread intimate personal details all over the internet?
  • What about you ex-wife's privacy rights? Your daughters?
  • This appears pretty one sided. Where's your ex-wife's side?

Women's Perspective

  • Why you should be opposed to the current legal bias in your favor

Children's Perspective

  • Why joint parenting with an unfit parent is better than no other parent
  • Why two parents are better than one.

About the Law:

  • Why are equality rights so important?
  • Why is freedom of speech so important?
  • Why is freedom of association so important?
  • Why is freedom of information so important?
  • Why are property rights so important?
  • What is the lawful relationship between democracy and law? In what areas does each dominate and why?

About Politics/Government:

  • Is democracy and politics as we know it legitimate?
  • Are the laws politicians create legitimate?

Tax Topics:

  • Is Income tax legal?
  • Why did it take until 1913 to have an income tax and why did they do it?

Professional Roasts (Why you are so profoundly wrong):

  • For all who depend on the state for survival
  • For Media
  • For Educators
  • For Labor Unions
  • For State Bureaucrats
  • For Judges
  • For Lawyers
  • For Psychiatric / Social Scientist Professionals
  • For Police
<< Introduction What triggered your defiance of the state? >>
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