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Official Correspondence

Official Correspondence with those who incorrectly believe they are in charge

    Note to public "servants"

    I have had private, off the record conversations with many concerned members of the state, including judges, buerocrats, police, members of parliament and the senate. Privately, we are in accord: Keep the peace, strive to make life better for everyone, or at least, don't make it worse. My personal opinion is that this is the majority view, within and without of government. In fact, sane mankind has longed for, fought and striven for these goals for all of known history.

    This is what I was doing at Nortel, as senior engineer of my division, using my innovation, creating quality manufacturing jobs, prosperity, export income and much tax revenue prior to myself and daughters being bushwhacked by what can only be called corrupt divorce courts loading me with so many insane woes and so much debt that I ended up unemployed, unable to be productive, living in the basement of a friend, on charity with no personal, emotional or financial resources to be there for my children, or even to meet the burdens unlawfully imposed on me. This is the judicially decreed hole that took me years to claw out of and, eventually, save my daughters from their incompetent, abusive mother.

    Prior to the above, I was, like everyone else, grudgingly paying my taxes (and, your salaries) under the mistaken impession that I was paying my part for "Peace, order and good government" and the benefits of "Rule of Law" where we are all to be treated equally, in REAL terms of measurable rights and responsibilities. I believe in the freedom that was paid for with such a high cost of blood and treasure by our ancestors, our collective inheritance, legacy and encoded in our highest laws, now rationalized away by "predators on the bench", rule of some men, enslaving all others.

    My detractors in this matter have consistently cast me as a heretec, a scofflaw, an enemy of all that is good and true. Consider that is an OPINION of some, well marketed by corrupt media, selling snake oil that the world will be a better place if only people would obey arbitrary authority. I also have an opinion, but mine is backed by proven history, law, fact and reason.

    Consider this well: No matter how much I or anyone pays in taxes, the predatory / corrupt forces I oppose have and will adapt to consume whatever gains the productive make against the unproductive. This is YOUR jobs and prosperity that are at stake, as well as mine. I have mathematically proven this well known historical fact.

    Clean up your act, do your jobs, or, it is just a matter of time before the majority also concludes that the compulsive / corrupt system in which we are all trapped "has to go", a recurring, inevitable fact of history.

Failed Attempts of Reason

  • Alternatively (since reason is only on my part), dealing with Leviathon
  • Divorce Proceedings child abuse, assault, shakedown, holdup, extortion
  • Initial Complaint refusal to pay taxes, ignoring drivers license theft (January 21, 2007)
    • Response 1 Department of "Justice" (DOJ) Acknowlge Complaint of January 21, 2007 (February 8, 2007)
    • Response 2 support payments terminated (June 26, 2007)
    • Response 3 drivers license returned (June 28, 2007)
  • Statement of Offer to settle, still refuse to pay taxes (July 25, 2007)
    • Acknowlege Complaint proposes solution - From Tax Department Orwellian: Revenue Canada (October 2, 2007)
    • Response to proposed solution - To Tax Dept. (November 11, 2007)
  • Demand for back taxes 2004 2005 2006 2007 totalling $20,541.67 (July 19, 2010)
    • Response to Demand for $20,541.67 in back taxes - To Tax Dept. (July 31, 2010)
    • Arbitrary Decree of appeal denied regarding $20,541.67 in alleged taxes - From Tax Dept. (April 13, 2011)
    • Response to appeal denied for $20,541.67 in back taxes - To Tax Dept. (April 26, 2011)
    • Tax "assessment" totalling $24,176.12 (Nov. 13, 2013)
    • Note that, in the following "assessment", the decreed tax owing has dropped by approximately $8900.00. This is because Revenue Canada, in their infinite wisdom / greed attempted to move up the food chain (as predators do), attacked my corporation and diverted an $8900.00 corporate tax payment for my alleged personal "debt", placing my corporation in a hazard position, by illegally diverting tax payments and making it impossible for my corporation to pay taxes. I called them on this and, this theft was reversed on December 2, 2015 (assessment below).
    • Tax "assessment" totalling $15,909.69 (May 30, 2014)
    • Tax "assessment" totalling $16,600.76 (March 6, 2015)
  • Tax "demand" upon my wife's innocent, taxpaying corporation for $53,107.94 (October 16, 2016)
  • Revenue Canada "demanding" that I "voluntarily"submit tax returns (March 15, 2018)
    • I have years of various illegal threats against my person, property and corporation by "Revenue" Canada. Consider the previous notices and following paragraphs VERY CAREFULLY. Note the absence of definitive (real) terms such as "will" and the liberal presence of meaningless (no exact meaning) words such as "if, may, could and might".
    • The REASON that I am still standing, defiant as ever in this matter is the law (the very basis of western civilization, as fought for and established by our far wiser ancestors) is VERY CLEAR: "Nobody can harm or compel anybody to do anything except to keep their word (contracts) and cease causing harm or aggressing against others."
    • Believe it, or NOT, Revenue Canada IS acting within the law AND, the Income Tax Act IS LEGALLY VALID, as they claim. That is the beginning and end of any truth from them.
    • What they won't tell you is THE REAL TRUTH: The income tax act is very clear: submitting tax returns is VOLUNTARY and, Revenue Canada bureaucrats, in the absence of "voluntary" tax returns do have the right to express an opinion. What they don't tell you is THEIR OPINION is LEGALLY UNENFORCABLE, by reason of being "rule of some men", incompatable with "rule of law " demanding we all be treated equally in terms of measurable rights and responsibility.
      • I have told Revenue Canada, from the outset to "Bring it On", charge me for whatever crimes they see fit. They have refrained, because I also explained my defense, as follows:
      • 1 - I have not signed a tax return, no contract exists that obligates me (the human being) and all laws containing "taxpayer" do not apply to me, because I am not a taxpayer.
      • 2 - Even if the tax laws were applicable to me, I have invoked my and my families right to life allowing a proportional defense (including lawbreaking) against the various governments of Canada who used my previous tax dollars to harm / destroy my family and, are doing the same to all families.
      • 3 - I will say to ANY judge: "Are your going to, in the absence of exact written law or criminal act on my part, bless the opinion of some government bureaucrat as law, allowing them arbitrary decrees, turning the entire judiciary and legal "profession" into redundant rubber stampers, thereby destroying your entire profession?"
      • 4 - As I have repetively stated to the various bureaucrats in this matter: "Following orders / process is NOT A VALID LEGAL EXCUSE for your actions. Pulling the trigger and initiating ANY aggression against my person or property makes YOU personally and legally culpable and, any proportionally defensive act I may choose in retaliation LEGALLY VALID."
      • There you have it. Well over ten years years of walking the talk, telling these predatory a$$holes to back off. Consistently called ALL their bluffs and faced all their idle threats (all they have). Still standing, defiant as ever. Need some company.

Family (Ir)Responsibility Office (FRO)

Correspondence with my Member of Parliament (public "servant")

  • Summary of August 8, 2011 meeting regarding corruprion of law. (August 10, 2011)
  • Letter regarding general economic costs of corruprion of law. (Sept. 15, 2011)
  • The following response from my Member of Parliament (public "servant") is incorrectly dated, to be a year prior to any correspondence, I presume so it cannot be legally linked to the issues. Historically, Jews and others (decreed subhuman, rule of some men) denied impartial law in Nazi Germany met the same "not my job" from their public "servants", leading to a very devastating world war (profit for conflict mongers).
  • This response is very informative for two reasons. One, parliament insuring that the law is honestly and correctly administered is "Not my Job" of our public "servants" and Two, demanding that my parliamentary representative "do his job" is interpreted as "threatening". Since I made no threats, the threat must come from elsewhere. I presume this means that our public "servants" have some other master apart from "we the people" and "rule of law" and, if our public "servants" do not OBEY these hidden masters, well, that is indeed terrifying (for them). There is a power vacuum here into which "we the people" have historically stepped and "proved" that barbarians should be TERRIFIED of the blowback of peaceful, civilized people when the situation of "predators in control" becomes obvious and a threat to collective survival.
  • Response stating "Not My Job", stop "threatening" me. (Sept. 15, 2011)
  • This response is very similar to what I received from the judiciary during my divorce: Perceived threat by outlining the facts and where they must lead by historical experience, human nature (survival non-negitiable) and the proven action -> consequence laws of physical reality. Apparently, the messanger must be destroyed and shut up.
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