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  1. Official Correspondence
    Categories: Simple Overview

    Official Correspondence with those who incorrectly believe they are in charge

  2. Social Costs
    Categories: Simple Overview

    What these crimes have and are costing society

  3. Factual Analysis of Evidence
    Categories: Simple Overview

    Ex-wife's allegations of abuse of her and children by husband unsupported by anything but hearsay, allegations on her behalf repeated by those who witnessed none of the allegations. Ex-wife lying. All of husband's allegations regarding ex-wife in the areas of total irresponsibility, unfit parent and addictions supported by credible witnesses, including professionals. Husband told truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. Besides, time reveals the truth of everything. Husband, despite opposition of courts DID raise daughter's to be personally responsible and successful. Once money gone, ex-wife and courts lost all interest in children. Ex-wife cried fake wolf and, law impoverished family by "pretending to help". They do "help", but, only themselves, as part of a system designed to prey on Canadians and destroy families.

  4. Court Records
    Categories: Simple Overview
  5. What triggered your defiance of the state?
    Categories: Simple Overview
    Simple proof of the initial criminal aggression by the courts against myself and daughters.
  6. What Do You Want To Know?
    Categories: Simple Overview
    Links to various topics of this site.
  7. Introduction
    Categories: Simple Overview